The Best Luxury Spa Experiences in Los Angeles

The Best Luxury Spa Experiences in Los Angeles

Choosing the right spa experience in and around Los Angeles is akin to putting on the right outfit for an important event. Choose wisely and you’ll look and feel your best, choose poorly and, well, we don’t want to talk about that. Let’s focus on the best luxury spa experiences and treatments in the area! We’ve chosen some favorite experiences and hope you’ll take full advantage of the entire list.

Platinum Rare Facial at The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

The Best Luxury Spa Experiences in Los AngelesPhoto courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

The perfect rejuvenation treatment, the Platinum Rare facial will be 90 of the best minutes of your day as two clinicians work on you. An aesthetician administers a facial featuring the high-performance Platinum Collection products while a massage therapist simultaneously provides a hand and foot massage treatment. You’ll float out of the spa looking fabulous.

Illuminating Body Detox Treatment at Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

The Best Luxury Spa Experiences in Los AngelesPhoto courtesy of Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

Located in historic Larchmont Village in Los Angeles, the Larchmont Sanctuary Spa is a true sanctuary and escape from the city which surrounds it. The staff invites you to “Disconnect to Reconnect”. They also explain that their “unique indoor-outdoor boutique spa was constructed from a 100-year old home and blessed by nine Tibetan monks from the Garden Shartse Monastery to create the most intimate, nurturing, and spiritual environment.” Our pick is the Illuminating Body Detox Treatment. Lasting from 90-110 minutes, the three-step experience works your entire body from a detoxifying scalp massage down to a Himalayan salt scrub foot massage with a Hungarian Moor mud wrap in between. All of this is followed with Shea butter creme to stimulate the lymphatic system and release toxins.

Ultimate Detox Package at Ciel Spa, SLS Beverly Hills

The Best Luxury Spa Experiences in Los AngelesPhoto courtesy of SLS Hotel

This trio package really is the ultimate. It starts with Biologique Recherche’s Algea Detox Treatment to relax the muscles and improve microcirculation; up next is a 90-minute lymphatic drainage massage to promote oxygenation and circulatory functions; and, to finish up the trio, a Pearl Wellness Ultimate antioxidant IV Therapy treatment which will replenish your both with essential minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and natural organic compounds. You’ll revel in the luxury that is the Ultimate Detox Package and leave feeling like a whole new you.

Shiffa Precious Gem Treatments at The Peninsula Spa

The Best Luxury Spa Experiences in Los AngelesPhoto courtesy of The Peninsula Spa

As The Peninsula Spa describes it, Shiffa “encourages complete indulgence in the most luxurious sensations, transporting the mind and body on a journey of wellbeing and calm.” The Peninsula’s Shiffa treatments are inspired by ancient Arabia and run the gamut. Our favorites are any of their Shiffa precious gem treatments. Choose from Precious Ruby for vitality, Precious Emerald for strength, Precious Diamond for harmony, or Precious Sapphire for tranquility, and you will experience the healing and calming powers each stone has to offer through treatments which incorporate oils saturated by each of these gems.

Cabana Packages at the Spa at Four Seasons Los Angeles

The Best Luxury Spa Experiences in Los AngelesPhoto courtesy of Four Seasons Los Angeles

Boasting a private poolside cabana featuring outdoor spa services, the Four Seasons’ Cabana Packages are the ultimate indulgence in spa luxury. Invite your best friends and opt for the Hollywood Crowd cabana package. It includes two cabana rentals for the entire day, two pitchers of speciality cocktails, two bottles of Verve Clicquot, three mani- or pedi-treatments, tropical fruit platter, Mexican platter, boozy pops, exclusive poolside amenities, and unlimited Evian water. This package is focused on relaxing more than treatments, but it’s a wonderful way to unwind and enjoy some time with your closest friends.

Whichever treatment you choose, you’ll certainly find a happier version of yourself. Since Los Angeles is full of great spas, making the best choice can be difficult. At the end of the day, we’re happy to recommend these one of a kind treatments. Be sure to tell us about your experience.

Our Favorite Downtown Los Angeles Breweries

Our Favorite Downtown Los Angeles Breweries

California has been credited with launching the craft beer boom and with more than 500 craft breweries across the state, that honor is well-earned. Downtown Los Angeles is staking its claim as a leader in the beer boom with a host of breweries making some of the best beer in the west. We’ve done some research and have chosen our favorites among the DTLA breweries.

Angel City Brewery

Our Favorite Downtown Los Angeles Breweries
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Angel City Brewery

One of a few breweries in the Los Angeles Arts District, Angel City stands out and as they note, they’re “proud to rough things up a bit and work beneath the shiny surface” of glitzy Los Angeles. In addition to the great beer they craft, they also have food trucks on site regularly (a schedule is available on their website) and they participate regularly in local festivals and events like the Avocado Festival and Bay to Breakers with an impressive showing each time.

Arts District Brewing Co.

Our Favorite Downtown Los Angeles Breweries

Photo courtesy of Arts District Brewing Co.

The 213 Hospitality family includes not only the Arts District Brewing Co. but also 4100 Bar, Golden Gopher, Normandie Club, and many more. This brewery is part of a strong family of purveyors of spirits and good food. With their beers available at several of the 213 Hospitality establishments, Arts District Brewing Co. is making a name for itself because of its beer, but it is also a fun place to grab a beer as it’s filled with old school video and arcade games.

Boomtown Brewery

Our Favorite Downtown Los Angeles Breweries
Photo courtesy of Eater Los Angeles

Another Arts District locale, Boomtown specializes in old world, unfiltered, unpasteurized ales and pilsners. Boasting a lounging-focused, fun, hang-out atmosphere for friends to gather, play games, and just have fun.  They also welcome well-behaved dogs (“within reason”). As with others in the area, food trucks are regulars at the brewery making Boomtown another great place to see friends, grab a bite, and share a few beers.

Iron Triangle

Our Favorite Downtown Los Angeles Breweries

Photo courtesy of Iron Triangle

Recognizing the second Golden Age of downtown Los Angeles, Iron Triangle has built a brewery based on the traditions of what made the area boom from the 1920s to the 1950s. While you’ll find Iron Triangle beers on tap in and around Los Angeles, we find that it’s most fun to visit the source, the taproom! It’s a mix of industrial charm – indicative of the Arts District, classic style, and modern fun, and we highly recommend it.

Mumford Brewing

Our Favorite Downtown Los Angeles Breweries
Photo courtesy of Mumford Brewing

Mumford Brewing is a family brewery and the family is focused on sharing their love of beer, creating quality beers, and providing a comfortable gathering space to share with friends. We can attest, a stop into Mumford Brewing often feels like visiting an old friend, the Mumford family and their crew are warm, friendly, and they know their beer.

You’ll notice that we placed our list in alphabetical order. We had to because we are hard-pressed to pick a favorite brewery in downtown Los Angeles. Our suggestion is a walking tour of them all!

A collection of the best places to buy smoothies in Los Angeles!

Our Favorite Smoothies in Los Angeles

Nothing feels more like summer than a smoothie.  While it takes us back to ice cream from childhood, a smoothie not only seems like a treat, but it’s also great fuel for your body. Circulating constantly all over Los Angeles has made the homework easy, as a result, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite smoothies in the city.

The Glamazon at Locali

A collection of the best places to buy smoothies in Los Angeles!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/localiyours

Local vegan chain Locali is always a great go-to for a healthy meal without all the trappings of it feeling like you’re giving something up (you must try their Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich!). The Glamazon is orange juice, banana, spinach, celery, cucumber, romaine, kale, and avocado and is as refreshing as it is delicious.

Coconut Kale at Naturewell

A collection of the best places to buy smoothies in Los Angeles!

Photo courtesy of Naturewell

With everything from acai bowls and organic juices to poké bowls and daily wellness shots, Naturewell is a full-service organic juice bar. They’ll customize any smoothie to your liking and you’re welcome to create your own combination. Their most popular the one we love as well, the coconut kale. Made with the meat of the coconut, coconut water, banana, kale, cinnamon, and agave, you’ll want to be lounging by the pool and sipping this smoothie with an umbrella in the glass.

Refresh at Simply Wholesome

A collection of the best places to buy smoothies in Los Angeles!

Photo courtesy of Simply Wholesome

Dedicated to the providing the proper resources to enable its customers to live a healthy lifestyle, Simply Wholesome does more than make amazing smoothies and food, they also empower you with information. Our pick on their menu is the #50: Refresh. The refresh is made of spinach, pineapples, kale, coconut, and cucumbers and delivers on the promise that its name makes.

Muladhara at Glowing Juices

A collection of the best places to buy smoothies in Los Angeles!

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Glowing Juices

Full of raw almonds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sati inch protein, dates, and spiraling, Glowing Juices’ Muladhara smoothie is the perfect balance of smooth and sweet with that extra boost of protein – ideal for an afternoon boost. The family-owned business is 100% vegan and includes a store and market.

Doggie Smoothie at Pussy & Pooch Rawbar

A collection of the best places to buy smoothies in Los Angeles!

Photo courtesy of PuSimply Wholesome Refreshssy & Pooch

While you’re out and about running errands, be sure to bring your four-legged friend along and make a stop at Pussy & Pooch’s Rawbar for a smoothie for your dog! Not only will they help you create the best and healthiest diet for your dog, they’ll also craft a delicious doggie smoothie that will make you an even bigger hero in your pooch’s eyes.

It looks like it’s time to go out and get a smoothie! So, tell us, which one have you tried or are you ready to try?

Hollywood Cemetery Movie Nights

Hollywood Cemetery Movie Nights

On a warm summer evening in Los Angeles imagine sitting out in the comfortable summer air with friends watching a movie among the dead? Since 2002, Hollywood Forever Cemetery has hosted screenings of movies in the summer. The wildly popular event, produced by Cinespia, sells out every showing today and, if you’re in the area, is a must for a perfect Los Angeles summer activity.

Post-Mortem Picnic Prep

Hollywood Cemetery Movie Nights

Photo courtesy of Cinespia

Your first stop on the way to the cemetery will be to gather your provisions. You’ll be surrounded by options on your way, but our picks for the perfect picnic would be a stop to Whole Foods, Gelson’s, or Bristol Farms. Whether it’s chicken and salads from the self-serve bar or your own version of charcuterie and crudité, you’re welcome to pair your meal with your favorite wine or beer. There are no restrictions on your food and beverage, but they do have a few rules: walk on the paved paths only, no open flames including candles and barbecues, smoking in designated areas only, no ins and outs, no tall chairs, and, no dogs. Rules aside, the walk through the cemetery to get to the open lawn space where the movie is shown can be as entertaining as the movie itself. It’s fun to read the headstones along the way – just be sure to respect the graves on the way out at the end of the show.

Arrive Early

Photo courtesy of Cinespia

As you may imagine, there are no reserved seats and since the lawn space is first come, first served, you’ll want to arrive early. The line snakes out from the gate at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Gordon) long before the 7:15 doors open time. Plan on arriving at least an hour early to stake out your seat on the lawn. As we mentioned previously, there are rules beyond the no tall chairs rules and they have to do with seating and some strict seating protocols. There are sections of the lawn where people sit or lay on the grass (bring a blanket, preferably one of the kind that has a gore-tex side to block moisture, if not, they recommend laying a tarp down first) and sections for seating in lawn chairs. Don’t even think about using a lawn chair in the ground seating section – you won’t be there long!

Hey Mister DJ

Hollywood Cemetery Movie Nights
Photo courtesy of Cinespia

A DJ at the movies? Yes! While you’re waiting for the movie to start, Cinespia has a pre-show DJ. Don’t be surprised if you witness a spontaneous dance party as they’re known to break out while the DJ spins until the sun goes down and the movie starts. Also, don’t be afraid to join in one of those parties.


Hollywood Cemetery Movie Nights

Photo courtesy of Cinespia

We’ve all grown accustomed to high quality cinema with Dolby sound and now XD projection. You won’t find those at the cemetery, but the quality is better than those days when we were young and went to the drive ins. Those speakers that the DJs used for the pre-show music are the same speakers from which you’ll hear the movie – no need to bring any listening devices. You’ll hear helicopters hovering overhead sometimes interfering with the magic of the movie, but that only serves as a reminder that you are watching the movie outdoors and in the beating heart of the city.

Who’s Who

Hollywood Cemetery Movie Nights

Photo courtesy of Cinespia

Hollywood Forever Cemetery backs up to Paramount Studios which means you often watch a film in the shadow of the studio where the film was shot. You’ll also likely run into a celebrity or two, remember, they like the movies just like us! James Franco was recently spotted catching a show.

One last pro tip – get your tickets EARLY! Every showing will sell out and most of them sell out early. And, be prepared for the themed photo booth.

A Tour of Eric Clapton's Former Home

A Tour of Eric Clapton’s Former Home

When visiting a gallery or museum space, one can easily drift off into a daydream of turning the space into a home, yet rarely do we have to opportunity to live in a space that embodies everything grand about a gallery or museum. The former home of Eric Clapton in Venice Beach is an exception. The only residence in the United States designed by famed architect Arata Isozaki.

Arata Isozaki

12 Front

Photo of 16 Paloma Avenue

Architect Arata Isozaki rose to fame in the United States having designed The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. His work is visible around the world having designed structures in Barcelona, Orlando, Kraków, Kyoto, Berlin, and beyond. It is said that his design style defies any school of thought or any characterization, in part, because he never assigns a signature style to his work. His influence on architecture goes beyond the buildings he’s designed, though, as he’s acted as a jurist for competitions and exercised his influence throughout many disciplines. He’s had an influence in the worlds of art, music, design, film, and theater over the course of his half century career.


37 Dining Room

Photo of 16 Paloma Avenue

The Isozaki-designed Venice Beach home was built in 1986 for art collector Teresa Bjornson and the house was known as the Bjornson House.  That is until its next owner purchased it in 1999 and his fame eclipsed that of Bjornson and it became known as Eric Clapton’s Venice Beach home. Clapton, who was famous when he bought the house, rose to his fame with bands such as the Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, and Derek and the Dominos, before ultimately establishing himself as an award-winning and chart-topping solo artist. He owned the home for five years and sold it to its current owner in 2004.


24 Main Room

Photo of 16 Paloma Avenue

Even though the home was designed and built in 1986, it luckily escaped many of the unfortunate design trappings popular with homes in the 1980s. Boasting 30-foot ceilings in the grand room and 20-foot ceilings in the master bedroom, the home has been described as an architectural one-of-a-kind, and it truly is. Located just steps from the Pacific Ocean, the 2,946-square-foot home has three bedrooms and two baths and includes a gated entrance that opens onto a 600-square-foot patio – a must in Venice Beach. In addition to the master bedroom with the high ceilings, there’s a guest room in a loft that overlooks the kitchen and dining area, a large office/workspace, and a beautifully spacious guest room/family room with a wet bar that may make your guests not want to leave.

The home is currently on the market and I’d love to show it to you. I encourage you to visit the listing to view more photos to fully appreciate this one-of-a-kind work of art.

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